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Small Business Smile Plan

Don’t Overspend Your Hard Earned Money On UNUSED EMPLOYEE BENEFITS, Give Your Company The Care They Deserve, Without “Restrictions” Of A Dental Plan…

New Business Plan Will Give Your Employees The Dental Benefits They Want, And You Don’t Have To SPEND A DIME Out Of Your Own Pocket! My Proven System Can Help You, Just As It’s Helped Many Of Your Neighbors….

The Bad News: Most Americans use only a fraction of their dental plan benefits, that employers just like you, are paying for. (The average employee WHO GOES TO THE DENTIST spends $600-$700 per year on dental care, and unused benefits never roll over). Since most plans “max out” at $1000-$1500 per year, it really isn’t “insurance” at all, so saying “I don’t have dental insurance,” doesn’t mean you or your employees and their families are stuck! Many employers are electing to use HSA or Flex Spending account, which can be used to purchase this plan…and those benefits DO ROLL OVER!

The Good News: I am offering my “Small Business Smile Plan” to a select few local business owners ABSOLUTELY FREE! (We only have availability to add a limited number of small businesses in the area, and I thought you’d like to know about it before open enrollment lapses and you lock into a costly dental plan your organization may not be happy with). My “Small Business Smile Plan” has helped many others, and it can help you be the “hero” in your organization, without a single cent out of your pocket!

What’s The Catch? Why Am I Offering A No-Cost Dental Plan For You?

There is no catch. I’ve found the best care possible comes when the care is agreed upon between the provider (Doctor) and the member (patient), without the “middleman” (who will never call or check on your employees like we will) taking his big cut and leaving your employees with what is left over…REDUCED BENEFITS AND LIMITED CARE OPTIONS! I gladly welcome dental and medical insurance in my office, but we find our patients make smarter choices when the care is totally up to them, rather than being dictated by the restrictions of their assigned dental plan.
PLUS, this is a way for me to help out other small businesses like me that are “under the gun” of pressure from larger companies that have better access to group benefits. My proven “Smile Plan” will save you AND your employees time and money, because ALL care options are covered, so they can choose the care they want without being “dictated” by an insurance company (who has no clinical dental experience) what they can and can’t do for their perfect smile. All I ask is that you have at least 5 people from your business sign up (seriously, no commitments, premiums, or contracts, and you may cancel anytime without risk or penalty)!

Benefits Of My Small Business Dental Plan:

Here Are 9 Big Reasons Countless Patients Love Our Care!

  1. Same-day service so YOU don’t have to wait!
  2. Low monthly payment options when YOU need to plan ahead for care!
  3. Convenient, extended hours to fit YOUR schedule!
  4. All the services YOU want under one roof: teeth whitening, checkups, implants, orthodontics, sleep apnea and snoring care, TMJ therapy, porcelain “white” fillings, and more!
  5. A Healthier Mouth, Risk Free, GUARANTEE!
  6. Warranty on all of our care, we’ll take care of YOU and you can rest assured that you are covered for years on your new smile!
  7. Comfort menu: movies, headphones, “laughing gas,” blankets, fresh fruit, free wi-fi and even sedation for our really anxious friends! We’ll help YOU relax!
  8. Priority scheduling for members of our “Small Business Smile Plan,” you’ll get first reservations for evening and Saturday appointments, so YOU don’t have to miss work or school!
  9. Over 26 years of combined experience by our team, so YOU can feel confident we’ll meet your needs

“A truly amazing dentist! He saved me over $1,000 by looking out for me and not his pocketbook…I can’t wait to see the rest of the results because I know they will be equally amazing.” -Dave K., West Jordan, UT

“I was so impressed by everyone at your office. The most amazing dental experience I’ve ever had. Nice to finally find a dental office in touch with 21st Century techniques. The zero-pain numbing technique used by Dr. Tyler was simply out of this world. I mean, totally ZERO pain! Never before has a visit to a dentist been so enjoyable! I’m actually looking forward to my next visit.” — Richard B., South Jordan, UT

“Couldn’t be happier with my experience with Dr. Williams and everybody at Pinecrest Dental.” -Jonathan B., South Jordan, UT

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