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Biomimetic Dentistry

Why Should You Seek A Dentist That Offers (Tooth-Saving) Biomimetic Dentistry?

At the heart of Biomimetic Dentistry is saving your teeth and conserving more of your natural enamel.

Biomimetic Dentistry, a niche type of tooth-conserving dentistry, treats your weak, cracked, or decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from invading bacteria.

Biomimetic Dentistry has decreased the need of many patients around the worlds to AVOID cutting your teeth down for mostly avoidable crowns and root canal treatments.

The best part, you will have less time in the dental chair, save more of your natural smile, and lower your out of pocket costs as compared to the way that most dentists prepare and treat your teeth.

Only a small group of dentists offer this niche treatment, and we are happy to have saved thousands of teeth, by avoiding root canals, overly aggressive crowns, or implants.

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Mention this page to get a free consultation on what Biomimetic Dentistry can do for YOU and YOUR SMILE!

Just mention this webpage for a FREE Consultation to see how New Biomimetic Dentistry could enhance your smile.
(Limited availability remaining, this month only!)

4 reasons BIOMIMETIC DENTISTRY is your best option:

  1. High-Tech: Strong, long-lasting, tooth-colored composite tooth restorations are used to restore the problem tooth. Often these are designed digitally with our 3-d scanner
  2. Ultraconservative: your treatment minimizes cutting to avoid removing too much of your natural tooth. Unfortunately most crowns and fillings done today are too aggressive because most dentists have not been trained on this niche technique
  3. Minimally Invasive: Deep drilling is avoided whenever possible, no more “old school” crowns and 2-5 times fewer root canals! (Our patients love this, because most people hate the extra pain and/or cost of root canals)
  4. Cosmetic Perfection: Each tooth you have renewed or restored is made as natural and bright as possible.

“Less is Best When it comes to Dentistry”

Here in the greater Salt Lake community, I am committed to preserving your natural teeth and renewing them… without anxiety, pain, and a big price tag.

I belong to The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry. This dynamic group of dentists adhere to the gold standards of tooth-preserving and cosmetic Dentistry, which serves as an alternative to traditional dental therapy.

Biomimetic dentistry is designed to completely avoid all the painful or expensive dentistry complications by using the latest techniques and technology the first time around to mimic your tooth’s natural structure.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Pinecrest Dental is a proud member of:

Just mention this webpage for a FREE Consultation to see how New Biomimetic Dentistry could enhance your smile.
(Limited availability remaining, this month only!)

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