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Here at Pinecrest Dental, we believe that preventing dental problems is better than trying to repair damaged teeth or gums. To help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile throughout your life, Dr. Tyler Williams and our team provide routine dental checkups and other preventive services. We welcome you to contact our office at (801) 503.0035 to learn just how we can care for your smile, and to schedule your appointment for preventive dentistry in Taylorsville, Utah, with our dentist.

The goal of routine dental checkups and other preventive services is to help protect your teeth, gums, and jaw from becoming damaged by gum (periodontal) disease, tooth decay, and other conditions. By preventing these issues before they cause damage to your smile, you can avoid dental pain or more expensive treatment in the future.

Perhaps the most commonly known and one of the most important preventive services is a regular dental checkup. Our dentist recommends that you visit our practice about every six months for a routine checkup. This visit will include a thorough and gentle cleaning, which involves removing any plaque buildup, flossing between the teeth, and polishing the teeth. All of these help you maintain a healthy, bright smile. Your routine checkups also include a dental examination, where our dentist will check for signs of damage or disease; if an issue is identified and diagnosed, our dentist can provide early treatment to help avoid further damage.

Some additional preventive services include:

Ask today how you can get a FREE copy of Dr. Williams book, Reason to Smile: 11 Keys to Your Best Oral Health Ever (Regularly $13.95)!

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