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Having a tooth knocked out can affect your mouth in multiple ways. At first, this can impair your ability to chew food and perhaps give you an unappealing smile. In time, the structural loss of the tooth can cause the surrounding teeth to twist and migrate toward the void. This greatly increases your chances of suffering chips and fractures on the corresponding teeth in your bite. To prevent these complications, your dentist, Dr. Tyler Williams, often recommends a dental implant to replace the knocked-out tooth.

The process starts with your dentist examining the area and taking a few X-rays. It’s important to make sure you have sufficient bone structure to mount a dental implant. If the knocked-out tooth also took some bone structure with it, you might need to have a bone graft.

To install a dental implant,  a small channel will be drilled into your jaw bone. Then, a titanium implant will be screwed into place. This forms an abutment that will eventually fuse to the surrounding bone tissues to create a strong anchor for an eventual dental crown.

Once the implant is fully integrated into your jaw, your dentist can go about the standard practice of installing a crown. This requires taking an impression, which will serve as a guide for our off-site dental lab technician. Once your crown is ready, we will call you back in to cement it firmly atop the abutment.   

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