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Are you seeking an alternative cleaning method to advance your smile? Do you know that sugarless gum after meals can be an excellent temporary substitute for brushing your teeth? You will still want to brush your teeth twice a day, of course, but if you want to boost your oral health right after you eat and not bother to take your toothbrush to the office with you, this is the ideal way to do it.

But how does it work? First of all, gum stimulates a process in your mouth that helps neutralize acids and wash away harmful bacteria and food particles. Sugarless gum also helps promote the formation of saliva.

To take full advantage of its effect, try chewing sugarless gum for about 20 minutes after each meal. With excess saliva flow, your teeth can more easily control the harmful acids that cause dental erosion and can wash away harmful substances more easily. Avoid regular gum, as it contains sugar, which the bacteria in your mouth converts into acid which then breaks down your tooth enamel.

Do you have heartburn? Well then, you get bonus points for chewing sugarless gum. The additional saliva in your mouth created by chewing gum can help neutralize the acids that may have traveled up your esophagus, creating the symptoms of heartburn.

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