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Bruxism is a disorder caused by unknowingly clenching or grinding your teeth. Because it typically happens when we are unconscious, you may not notice the symptoms of bruxism. One of the most often noted signs that there could be something wrong with your sleeping habits is the presence of snoring. However, snoring cannot be directly linked to bruxism, although it may be present. Just because you snore does not mean you have bruxism. The same is true for sleep apnea. However, because it could be a sign, more diagnosis needs to be given. Here is a list of commonly known signs and symptoms of bruxism:

– You have strange markings and indentations on your tongue.
– Your teeth look worn down, dull, flat, or look and feel loose.
– Your jaw locks up from time to time or fails to fully open and close.
– You grind and clench your teeth loudly, sometimes including snoring.
– The insides of your cheek tissue feel raw and chewed on.
– You have an increase in tooth sensitivity or discomfort.
– You have random jaw pains when waking up in the morning.
– You have been previously diagnosed with a TMJ disorder or sleep apnea.

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