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Posted January 26, 2018.

Who’s Your Pick For The “Big Game?”

I’m not a Patriots fan by any means, but I want them to win the Super Bowl. I’ve never wanted them to win in years past, and I’m certainly not “jumping on the bandwagon,” but this year is different. Tom Brady is 40 years old and he says he feels great about his future and expects to play for at least a few more years. He is one of only 2 NFL players ever to win 5 Super Bowls and the ONLY one to win all 5 with one team (source: wikipedia) — he will be a Hall of Famer for sure, and I’m certain New England fans put him at the top for one of, if not the best ever.

The reason I want to see Tom Brady get another ring, is to see just how great he can be. There’s no question he’s already one of the most consistent quarterbacks ever, but just how far and how long will he go with his career? Analyst Colin Cowherd (Fox Sports report) nailed it, he said: “Athletes get tired, systems never do.”

Love them or hate them, the patriots have football down to a science. They know how to win, consistently. It’s the same for diet, exercise, studying, and of course great oral health. There are no “cheats” or “shortcuts” for a lifetime of success, it’s how we act and prepare repeatedly that counts.

Who’s your pick to win? (Or are you only interested in seeing the halftime show?)

How Is Your Health This Year?

How healthy are you feeling in 2018 so far? I’d love to hear your “2 cents” on how you are feeling about your oral and overall well being. I’d love for you to take my brief survey, it will take less than 2 minutes of your time, it’s confidential, and I sincerely appreciate your feedback! Your comments will help us help more members of our community. For completing it, I’ll give you a complimentary pack of our best xylitol gum or mints at your next visit in the office.


Is Snoring A Big Deal? What Are The Health Risks?

Damaging Dental Risks Include:

Our mouth is the gateway to our body. Recent studies show a health oral cavity decreases your overall medical expenses but up to 21%, and controlled sleep apnea can decrease overall medical expenses by up to 50! That sounds like a winning strategy for managing healthcare costs to me. If you have questions about the quality of your sleep health, give my office a call for a consultation.

Dr. Tyler Williams

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