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5 Reasons to Floss Today!

Posted May 27, 2019.

If you're like most Americans you may not floss regularly or even at all don't worry you're not alone the good news is there's still time to act and you can save your teeth for years to come so you can enjoy your smile for a lifetime here are five reasons you should start flossing today you won't regret it I promise.

Number one when you don't floss you miss one-third of your tooth surface that means brushing alone can only get 2/3 of the job done that means you leave lots of gross plaque and build-up between your teeth that can cause bacteria and bugs to grow that you don't want and that can get you sick in other ways cause tooth decay and even come disease.

Number two is flossing fights bad breath USA Today ran a poll and found that teeth and smile we're the first thing people notice when they met someone new even more than hair or eyes so having great breath might just land you that next first date or get you the job at the interview that you've been looking for reason.

Number three you should floss because not flossing hurts when that plaque builds up between your teeth it's like little daggers sticking into your gums you may not feel it because most people don't but that plaque starts to invade underneath your gums and bone then it can cause bleeding or sensitivity when you do floss or when you brush pink and the sink isn't okay if your hands bled every time you wash them you'd be worried and your gums are no different good thing is if you're not having pain now there's still time to get in the habit of flossing before you have to miss work or have a sleepless night of pain I've seen it and treated all the time and trust me you don't want to go there.

Number four send that plaque packet flossing removes the plaque below your gum line which can help keep your teeth healthy for years to come. You should use a c-shape to wrap gently around the roots of your teeth and just below the gums to gently wipe away the plaque kind of like shoe-shining but a little more gentle it takes less than 30 seconds a day to do it but it can make you healthier feel better for years to come. Plus we now have many studies linking heard disease diabetes cancer and other diseases to gum diseases so flossing is one of simplest daily ways to avoid it.

Number five last but not the least who doesn't want to save some cash. Flossing can prevent costly treatments that you can avoid altogether . I've treated many many patients who have wished they lost earlier or took better care of their teeth a younger age because they've had to spend hundreds thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars later in life on treatment that could be avoided altogether this daily tip only costs a couple pennies for your string of floss to save your tons and years to come.

For more tips and reasons you should floss and other ways to take care of your oral health and overall health grab a copy of my book, "Reason to Smile". It's available on or Barnes & Noble or you can visit the link below to grab a free copy that we can ship to your door or you can stop by the office and grab one.

I hope you enjoyed this video and I'd love to hear your comments about how it's helped.

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