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A Large Cavity on a Back Tooth Can Be Repaired Using an Inlay or Onlay Filling

Posted July 28, 2016.

Large areas of tooth decay on one of your back teeth can seriously compromise your mouth. If you don’t have Dr. Tyler Williams repair the cavity quickly it could develop lead to more serious complications.

If the cavity is modest in size Dr. Tyler Williams can usually repair it using an inlay or onlay filling. Most inlays and onlays are typically made from either porcelain or gold. The notable difference between these two types of fillings is related to the size and location of the tooth decay.

Inlays are used to repair large cavities that are limited to the enamel on biting surface of a back tooth. Onlays are called for to repair larger an area of decay that might extend from the biting surface to the sides of a back tooth.

To do this, Dr. Tyler Williams will numb the area, before using a drill to remove the decayed enamel. This leaves behind a clean, healthy surface to cement a filling in place. Then he will take a detailed impression of the area, and apply a temporary filling.

The impression will be sent off to a dental lab where the gold or porcelain inlay or onlay will be made. When it’s ready, Dr. Tyler Williams will call you back in for a second appointment. The temporary filling is removed and the inlay or onlay will be securely cemented in place.

If you suspect that one of your back teeth has developed a cavity, you should not delay in contacting Dr. Tyler Williams’s office in Taylorsville, Utah at (801) 503.0035 to set up an appointment.

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