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ABCs of Better Sleep-Better Breathing

Posted June 3, 2019.

Hey welcome back today we're gonna be talking about an important subject that I'm asked about all the time which is what's the deal with these new Sleep appliances so I've got one here today and you know the important thing to know about sleeping is that about 90 million American suffer with some type of sleep disorder it could be snoring could be sleep apnea it could be upper airway resistance some can even be asthma related so there's a lot of different disorders but if we think back to basic CPR there's the ABCs of CPR you may have taken a CPR course or or learned about it but the ABC stand for airway breathing and circulation so with the appliance such as this one what it does is these wings keep your lower jaw from falling back so when you lie down prevent your jaw from falling back and beacause when your jaw moves your tongue goes with it and then it can block your airway you kind of use a toilet plunger analogy but if the tongue is blocking that airway and it's harder for you to breathe and then you may try to inhale deeper while you're asleep subconsciously and it makes it more difficult so sleeps a big issue you know people are asking about all the time well these appliances are great it's not an instant fix for everybody it is a therapy there are other things involved including you know diet reading techniques you know health fitness weight loss even you know the time of day you consume caffeinated beverages or your time you go to sleep to make sure you get different REM cycles so if you have some questions about it you can call we do have a website which is listed below there's some free guides on there you can look at and do some self assessments and check out this picture and that I'll show you just a second here and that'll give you some more information about you know how you can sleep better and feel better regardless of if you have sleep apnea or not so check it out okay so ABCs of breathing okay so a is airway these breathing CEA's circulation so even though sleep apnea is different than CPR there are some similarities and we'll go through those here.

so A z' airway so it's important to have your airway open now some people have big tonsils small mouth large tongues if you have large large neck or a muscular neck. You may have a impede or an airway so it's kind of like a pinched muffler on a car it just can't get the flow through it.

B is for breathing so it is important that you're breathing through your nose mouth breathing is harmful in a lot of ways kids it's harmful and development a lot of times kids end up with high palates and narrow arches speech or chewing and swallowing difficulties but as adults if we mouths breathe it's bad for our teeth but also we don't get in nitric oxide that only comes through nose breathing so there's some great nose breathing exercises that you can get from us at the office here but you want to breathe in and out through your nose light breaths and then in and out through your diaphragmnot through your chest so deep chest breathing is not good for proper airway as you train yourself to do this you should be able to sleep better and start to feel better and have more mental energy because nitric oxide actually dilates the blood vessels in your body for better circulation.

So C is the circulation so it's important to have good blood supply our nose and mouth are the Gateway to our bodies so when you get good oxygenation like from nose breathing or having your sleep apnea treated your blood will be healthier and more responsive so that it can deliver the nutrients you need throughout your body and as you work on this you know it is a process it is a program it's not always a quick fix for some people and so it may take some time but you know I've done this breathing exercises myself and I've been retraining myself to breathe for a period of time to improve the way I feel and prove how I sleep and it really works well and it could really change your life so if you have more questions give me a call the office or you can click the link below for some more guides and hope you enjoy. Thanks!

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