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Back-to-School Dental Visit
(for adults and kids)

Posted Aug 30, 2021.

Hold on to your backpacks parents and grandparents, because it’s back-to-school time for your children. Children often become less committed during the summer holidays with their dental hygiene such as missing tooth brushing at night and eating a lot of candy, sugary drinks and fast food that can cause bad breath, poor sleep patterns, cavities or gingivitis.

Now some schools ask for back-to-school dental check-ups for their students, so it’s high time to have your children’s dental check-ups. Moreover, it's a very good time of year when you can plan and schedule an appointment for your own preventive or gum maintenance dental check-ups. It’s the time when you can get your children’s dental habits (or your own) back that might have been lost during vacations and camps.

What You Should Ask Your Family’s or Child’s Dentist?

Here are the 3 key tips about what you should ask your children’s dentist when you pay a visit for your child’s dental check-up.

1. Ask About the Dental Health of Your Children

A dentist will check your child’s mouth thoroughly, including checking to ensure that his/her gums and teeth are perfect or if there is any orthodontic or bite issue. In time, your child’s baby teeth will loosen and new teeth will grow in. Visiting the dentist will ensure your child’s growth and dental development are on track, including checking to see if your child’s teeth are aligned and growing correctly. Best time to take your child to his or her first visit is at 6 months of age or when the first tooth erupts in your child’s mouth.

2. Teeth Cleaning is Essential

Teeth cleaning is essential no matter how much your child is regular in brushing teeth. It can prevent your child’s teeth from cavities and decay, as well as bad habits and gingivitis. It will help keep the bacteria away from your child’s teeth that can later lead to cavities and tooth decay.

3. Does Your Child Need Protective Sealants?

Sealants are recommended by dentists usually at the age of 6 and then at the age of 12. Sealants become essential when your child’s molar grows into the mouth. It is a thin protective coating that your dentist will place on the chewing surfaces. This will protect your child’s teeth and gums against cavity-causing bacteria. It also creates a protective layer so the bits of food should not enter the places where a brush can't reach. If these bits of food enter and remain in the tiny existing spots, it can worsen tooth decay. Sealants are also fantastic for adults, to see if you qualify give us a call today.

Have a great week!

Dr. Tyler Williams

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