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The Second Most Dangerous Job In America!

Posted December 16, 2019.

I work in a very dangerous environment. In fact, dentistry was rated as the second most dangerous career today. You will probably burst out laughing like my wife said when I told her that being a dentist was the second most dangerous job today. However, after decades of sitting in a chair with your head down, eyes focused and and body attentive, dentistry can take a real physical toll on your body. Many dentists suffer from neck and back problems, wrist issues, and even vision and hearing loss over their career. 

It's sad how the things we love to do can also cause us physical and emotional problems. But I've learned some ways to really prevent this from personal experience and mentors. It’s critical to have proper ergonomics and positioning in a chair while we do dozens of procedures and small surgeries on a daily basis. 

We work to maximize comfort and productivity in the field of dentistry, but I bet it's the same in what you do as well, whether you are on the move at a desk all day or staying home with kids or grandkids. Proper physical exercise, ergonomics and stretching is key to a long, healthy lifestyle. Something I learned early on is that when I stretch and exercise daily, I feel much better and experience fewer aches and pains. Here is a quick video on some stretches that can really help you out, and that you can start doing today to improve your posture and decrease workplace or recreational injuries and feel better. I will paraphrase some advice I once heard a yoga instructor state, which was “people don't get old and inflexible, they get inflexible and therefore become old.” 

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