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Posted Aug 08, 2022.

Ready for the Smile of your Dream? Would you like to get a new smile, without pain or losing your teeth? Most of all, without surgery? Then call us today at (801) 503-0035 to reserve your Smile Makeover consultation while we still have a few remaining openings this month.

Today I'm answering one of the most common questions from people just like you who are searching for answers to their dental questions online.

The question is:

How do I find dental insurance, without a waiting period?

If you're looking for insurance without a waiting period, that's probably because you are interested in getting dental implants, or you may have a lot of work to do.

You may need crowns or root canals, or maybe you have gum disease. Or, maybe you've just had a lot of dental work done this year and you're maxed out, so you're looking for something different.

The first thing to understand is that there are two types of plans available to you. There are individual plans and there are group plans.

Gplans are typically offered by your employer, or your spouse's employer, or even a group that you're part of. Whereas individual plans are those that you go and shop for on your own.

Typically, individual plans will be much more likely to have waiting periods or restrictions on services that they cover. Many services are not covered.

When you're part of a group or employer plan, the way the insurance company makes their money is they bank on the fact that about two thirds of the people you work with will not use their insurance this year, but all of you are paying a monthly premium. That’s why usually your benefits and your coverage usually work a bit more to your advantage, because collectively as a group you're putting hundreds or thousands of dollars in each month, and most people you work with aren't using it on a monthly basis.

Now, when you're an individual applying, the insurance company knows that you're getting insurance because you probably have work to do and you want to use it. That’s why they’ll either have a really high, monthly premium if you want to get some work done and have more benefits, or they'll have a low monthly premium, but you may have to wait a year or more to use the benefits in some area. In our office, we’ve seen some plans with waiting periods of up to five years before you can get a crown, root canal or implant.

The other thing to keep in mind, both with an individual or a group, is that, there's usually limited coverage on implants, even if they tell you, “hey, we cover 50% or 80% of an implant.” They'll only cover that up to the plan's maximum. And most plan maximums are around a $1000 - $1,500, which means that 80% coverage on your insurance is only up to $1500, then they cover NOTHING for the rest of the year (bummer, we know).

Truthfully, dental insurance is really not insurance at all. And while we are a very insurance friendly office, we recognize that coverage such as fire insurance and car insurance are actually INSURANCE.

Many people scratch their heads and wonder why they call this insurance? That is a great question. The biggest part of this dilemma is because as medical costs go up, generally the dental coverage gets smaller and smaller each year.

The good news is…
…we've created something special for our patients, called the Pinecrest Smile Club. It's a unique membership program with four or five different levels for you to choose from. Most of our patients who look for an individual type insurance plan opt for the Pinecrest Smile Club instead.

For example: dental insurance does not cover sedation or laughing gas. It does not cover things to make your experience more comfortable, which is unfortunate. It doesn't cover cosmetic things like veneers or teeth whitening. Many plans do not cover implants, or, or as I mentioned earlier, if they do - most plans cover very little.

With the Pinecrest smile club, there are no limits on office visits. That's another way insurances get you is they usually limit you to 2 preventative visits or 2 office visits to exams per year.

There are no limitations with the Pinecrest Smile Club. There are no limitations on sedation or comfort care, laughing gas.There's no restrictions on veneers or teeth whitening, which are not covered by Dell insurance. She gets some excellent savings with the Pinecrest smile club. There's also no middleman.

You get to choose and you are in control of your treatment because with insurance, a lot of times they'll say, “we'll cover a root canal, but not a crown” or “we'll cover a bridge, but not an implant,” or “we'll cover removing your tooth, but not saving it.”

But with the Pinecrest Smile Club, you have full control, without restrictions on which option is best for you.

It's designed with you in mind and our patients absolutely love it. We have many patients that continue to renew year after year after. That is our niche. We are the go to practice for membership plans. In fact, we actually teach other practices how to set up membership plans because we've been doing it successfully for so long.

So if you're interested in more information on the Pinecrest Smile Club, or if you have insurance and you'd like more information on what it covers and what it doesn't cover, you can reach us by calling, texting or clicking.

We'd love to hear from you, and are happy to help you out.

Ready for the Smile of your Dream? Would you like to get a new smile, without pain or losing your teeth? Most of all, without surgery? Then call us today at (801) 503-0035 to reserve your Smile Makeover consultation while we still have a few remaining openings this month.

Have a great month!

Dr. Tyler Williams

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