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Don’t Be Pressured!

Posted Dec 03, 2021.

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Too many offices these days are pushing crowns and root canals these days. (Especially some of the chains and corporate offices that have shareholders and CEOs to please, not patients.)

Luckily, you have a better option starting today!

Biomimetic Dentistry, a niche type of tooth-conserving dentistry, treats your weak, cracked, or decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from invading bacteria.

This new type of Dentistry has decreased the need of many of our patients to AVOID cutting your teeth down for avoidable “old school” crowns and root canal treatments.

The best part is that, you will have less time in the dental chair, save more of your natural smile, and lower your out of pocket costs as compared to the way that most dentists (unfortunately) aggressively and unnecessarily prepare and treat your teeth.

None of us were trained to be pushy. Dental School is about helping. On the other hand, there’s so much to cover in 4 years that biomimetics just can’t be taught well in most conventional dental training programs.

Only a small group of dentists offer this advanced niche treatment, and we are happy to have saved thousands of teeth, by avoiding root canals, overly aggressive crowns, and implants for many members of our community.

If you'd like to learn more, click here.

And remember, we are just a call or click away!

Your Dedicated Smile Saver

Have a great week!

Dr. Tyler Williams

P.S. Mention this page to get a free consultation on what Biomimetic Dentistry can do for YOU and YOUR SMILE!

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