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Fast Approaching Deadline

Posted Dec 14, 2021.

The holidays seem to get here quicker and quicker each year!

It seems the minute Halloween is over the next thing you know we are counting down till the ball drops and the year comes to a close.

…Or maybe it’s just me :-)


The year is coming to a rap quicker than a set of dentures can fly out while skydiving. For a funny video (true news story), just check this out:

By the way, if you have any last minute dental needs such as membership plans or insurance benefits, or even flex spending funds that you’d like to use before 2021 comes to a wrap give us a call. We have limited openings but there’s enough time right now we can probably squeeze you in for a check up or to get that crown or implant you have been putting off finished in the next couple of weeks.

Just mention this email if you’d like a complementary phone or in person benefits check to go over your options or learn about our newly updated Pinecrest Smile Club for self pay patients, or our new Money Saving VIP club for insured patients.

(801) 503-0035

Have an awesome week!

P.S. Congrats to Bre for winning the Honey Baked Ham holiday meal giveaway. Thanks for referring your friends and family to us!

Dr. Tyler Williams

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