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Halloween Can Be Scary, Even For Hillary Duff!

Posted September 19, 2019.

There are a lot of things in life we take for granted. Recently, our 3 year-old Nora turned on a hose and left it running near the window well, which seeped nearly 200 gallons of water into our basement. Thank goodness for those powerful fans from the flood company, a warm climate that week, and our dry air in Utah.

Two days after we were all dried out downstairs, our water heater thermostats went out - freezing showers for two days.

Fortunately, water heaters can be fixed and water can be dried out. As I took the coldest shower I have taken all year, I realized how grateful I was that I still had running water, no matter how cold it was.

To top it off, Friday morning as I was headed out the door, I noticed a flat tire on my wife’s car. All I could do was laugh, par for the course that week. In the big picture, none of these things were a big deal.

Yet all things I personally take for granted all the time.

In the BEFORE photo of Hillary Duff above (source: Getty Images), you will see here less than perfect smile with a chipped tooth. Thanks to modern bonded dentistry, she had that corrected in no time. I can relate.

A few years ago I hit a pothole on my bike and chipped one of my front teeth. Many of my patients have asked “who does your teeth?” It’s a great question and yes I do have a dentist. In fact, we recently had a new dentist join our team, which you may have read in last month’s newsletter. You’ll also be glad to know I did fix that chip on my own tooth myself, by testing out a new bonding agent. You should also know it worked great, and is still functioning well today-more than 5 years later. I like to test things out of myself before I put them into practice for patients like you.

Not long before that, my 11-year old son jumped on my head while I was lying on the floor in his room (he was 3 at the time). Instantly I chipped another front tooth. More practice for me, and maybe a helmet and mouthpiece next time I wrestle with my kids!

The good news is you have more options than ever, and less to be SCARED about than ever. Halloween is a fun time of year if you like to get dressed up like we do. We’ll share some photos of our team costumes soon. But we’d love to see yours, so please share.

Have a great Halloween,

Dr. Tyler Williams, D.D.S.

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