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Posted November 25, 2020.

Do you know that many Veterans right in our backyard are suffering with the lack of a confident smile? Let alone the ability to chew the foods they enjoy. This special group of patriots are in need. And you can help!

Here’s an example from the Coalition of Vets website (

In some cases, the Department of Veterans Affairs is allowed to pull out all of a veteran’s teeth, but not replace them, leaving the veteran toothless. Charles Medalis served his country in Vietnam, but 50 years later, he’s taking on a new battle. Medalis suffered an extensive infection in his mouth back in 2015. Doctors from the Department of Veterans Affairs performed surgery and had to pull out all off his teeth...“So they called me in there, and they ripped 23 teeth out at once,” Medalis said. The surgery fixed the infection, but Medalis was left toothless. He then asked for dentures, but was told he didn’t qualify for dental care from the VA.“It changes your whole life, you can’t eat right, you can’t look right, and people don’t understand what you say as much,” Medalis said. (Bold added for emphasis.)

The rights, liberties, and freedoms we revere today have come at a great cost to millions of men and women throughout our nation. We’ve all heard great stories, and many of us know and love at least one of these great individuals.

We’ve had many questions and much interest in the program, so I’m providing you with an update and an invitation to help us this year.

For the 3rd year in a row my team is ready to giveaway a new smile to a Vet in need with our “Help a Vet Smile” program, and I’m really looking forward to helping out this year. In case I didn’t make the criteria clear to you, here’s an update on exactly who I am looking to help:

  1. A Vet who is in desperate need of a new or restored smile.
  2. A Vet who doesn’t have the means to pay for a major smile update.
  3. A Vet who has served our country with honor, whether recently or years ago.

That’s it. That’s all the criteria that need to be
met to be eligible for a FREE smile
makeover for this special Veteran.

Here’s what my team will be donating to our winner:

  1. Free Dental Implants.
  2. Free bonding or restorations needed.
  3. Free Crowns, whitening and/or veneers.
  4. Free Gum and teeth cleaning.
  5. Free Dentures or partial dentures.
  6. Whatever your nomination needs to get healthy, that can be done in my office (most cases apply).

We’re picking this year’s winner
on December 23, 2020!

To nominate your Veteran, simply visit my “Help a Vet Smile” website. Remember, you have just until December 23rd to nominate someone, and we’ll announce the winner on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in my “Monthly Smile” print newsletter.

By the way, we’ll ALSO be giving $500 in free dental care to the 5 runner up Vets, so that we can share as much love as possible this Holiday season. Each Veteran you nominate qualifies for a FREE CONSULTATION so we can evaluate their individual needs.

You have just a few more weeks to nominate someone, or make an additional nomination if you’d like. I’ll personally interview a small group of the most qualified candidates one at a time, and my team will choose one winner based on a number of factors, such as: medical condition, health needs, condition of mouth and overall level of need.

We at Pinecrest Dental will be giving a new smile makeover, at no charge, to such an individual. The veteran will receive up to $24k in full mouth restorations, including any crowns, restorations, implants, and gum treatment. Our patriotic hero will feel, eat, and chew great!

ALL WE NEED IS A NOMINATION FROM YOU! Visit or call the office to submit your Vet today!

Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause. -Abraham Lincoln

Dr. Tyler Williams, D.D.S.

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