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How TV Star Kelly Ripa Maintains a Beautiful Smile

Posted Aug 20, 2021.

Kelly Ripa the well-known TV host and celebrity is known for entertaining audiences and fans with her charm and energy. She has worked hard on her personality, appearance, and career. As a popular TV host, she has used facial esthetics, such as Botox Injections to enhance her youth and give her a remarkable smile. According to her personal experience, facial injections offer her a new level of convenience when she is on camera or in the spotlight.

She revealed in an interview that Botox has cut her time to get ready for the set in half, and the youthful esthetics have made her make-up artist’s job easier. It has become a safe and simple part of her self-care routine, through the busy challenges of her life and career.

She became more aware of her appearance when some people started saying that she looked angry or unhappy. That was the time when she realized that facial aesthetics were the solution for her. She had her first injection in 2015 to resolve her “grumpy” look, and it took just a few visits to dial in her favorite look. At the time, she was also cast on several Soap Operas and Movies along with TV hosting, so she worked to focus in more on her confidence and enhance her smile.

Her doctor reported that wrinkles and “frown lines” are a growing concern among the population. “It looks like stress is written all over my face, she said.” In recent years the popularity of selfie photos and zoom meetings have grown dramatically, so more and more people are aware of signs of aging and wrinkles.

She has remained open and honest about her facial treatment secrets in front of the camera. This is one of the big reasons why fans always admire her. (She even received Botox injections in her armpits to avoid excessive sweating.) Ripa thanks her Botox treatment for keeping her confident and ready for the spotlight. She has become an inspiration and a real-life example of a confident and beautiful woman for her fans and followers.

What are Botox and Xeomin Injections?

You’ve probably heard some “botched“ stories or seen disaster photos of people who have way overdone Botox or dermal fillers. This can give these safe and effective treatments a bad rap, but there are also plenty of good examples where they are used properly and in the right amounts to restore youth and prevent or stop pain at the same time.

Botox can treat various medical and esthetic conditions to maintain a healthy self-care routine such as Kelly Ripa has adopted. It temporarily reduces or stops your muscles from contracting and smooths tight areas and wrinkles. Botox is also a safe alternative form of pain management and a great way for trained facial esthetic experts to treat TMJ, teeth grinding, headaches, and other facial pain-related issues.

These days, many more adults, especially women, like it for helping to smooth out a square chin or overly-prominent jawline. To those experienced providers, it is very simple, but ensure you consult an experienced professional in facial aesthetics before you get serious about Botox, fillers or veneers so you don’t end up on the next episode of “Botched.”

One injection appointment and few enhancement appointments every few months can help you to maintain or regain your young, fresh, and natural look. It’s also a great alternative to plastic surgery or other invasive treatment. There are even new injectable esthetic treatments being used to close gaps between teeth.

As Kelly Ripa said, no one needs to be shy about their love for self-care. She is also not shy to admit her love for Botox as she said that the best way to look perfect is in moderation along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

From our team at Pinecrest Dental, we are here to help you feel confident and healthy.

Have a great week!

Dr. Tyler Williams

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