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It’s Flu Season!

Posted December 09, 2019.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I got hit with a lingering cold. Have you had your turn yet? I figured I’d “get it out of the way” early this winter. It could have been much worse, I didn’t miss any work or family activities. No flu for me.

How you can avoid and ammonia and the flu this winter!

Some new research from California State University confirmed that brushing your teeth at least twice per day reduces the chance of pneumonia and flu. The researchers found that patients with hospital stays who brushed their teeth at least two times per day had significantly lower numbers of pneumonia and airborne infections.

Here’s a quick video on avoiding bad breath and bad bacteria, which will reduce your chance for head and chest bacterial infections.

The researchers found that when you have extensive medical care or hospital stays, the environment in your mouth is significantly disrupted and therefore at risk for contaminating the gateways to airborne infections in your body, which are your mouth and lungs. Keep this in mind as we approach flu season. It should help reduce the level of colds, cough, flu and potential pneumonia in your household.

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