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Just One Week Left…Enjoy It!

Posted December 16, 2017.

It’s here. Christmas time. We have just one week left. It’s hard to focus on today when we get so close to such a “big” holiday. Last minute errands, Christmas parties, Holiday cheer, SHOPPING (my least favorite, unless it’s online and shipped to my door). But there’s so much more to think about. We have today, tomorrow and all of next week to enjoy. I hope you can join me in having a great week, and not let it get washed out by what’s coming next. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it’s just one day. Live in the now and enjoy the precious time we all have to spend with loved ones.

Dentists around the country have been putting in extra hours, and not just because it’s the Holiday season. Various cities have been voting on a controversial topic — fluoridated water. This has been a hot spot for many for some time, but there are many myths that have been perpetuated, so local dentists have been working to clear the air. You can read the entire article here. No matter where you stand, remember fluoridated water is not the same as fluoride varnish or gel you receive in a dental office. For more on that, you can read my blog post here.

According to Reader’s Digest, the average payout for the tooth fairy is now $3.91. I think she paid out a dollar when I was a kid, I guess the economy is doing much better than it was in the mid 80’s. Here are 10 comical stories of the tooth fairy getting busted.

The acclaimed writer and speaker John Maxwell has labeled these as the top 5 Holiday Gifts. He’s biased to books of course, but so am I!

My new favorite way to read this year is Audible by Amazon. If you haven’t used Audible, it’s a monthly subscription for audiobooks. I look forward to listening when I go running and as I commute to work. My problem now is there are too many good ones to listen to! Here are a few books I’m reading now or just read that I recommend for you:

1. Blue Ocean Strategy: this book is about being creative and finding “blue oceans” rather than being competitive in the bloody, red ocean water. This book will open your mind to new ideas in business or personal life.

2. The Microbiome Solution: This one is next on my list, it’s about health and eating. For years I have recommended probiotics as a daily supplement, especially when we are sick or taking medications. I’m excited to learn what else is in store.

3. Giftology: This book will change the way you think about gift giving. How, who and when to give. This is a book one I will read again for sure.

Every December we receive a higher than usual amount of request from patients to be seen for a very specific reason. Getting a checkup before the year end is in higher demand, but that’s not it. The #1 reason for extra requests during the holidays is tooth pain! To help my friends and patients, my new FREE report *”The Straight Truth About Healthy Smiles During The Holidays”* is now available. To receive this report, simply call my office at (801) 503-0035 or email, and give us the name and address of where you want this report sent to.

Have a fantastic week, and enjoy each day!

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