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Live Longer With This Social Tip

Posted July 02, 2020.

There is a lot of speculation about the Coronavirus and how it works these days. Is it spreading fast? Is it better than projected? Or is it worse than projected? Can it be transferred on surfaces or not?

Many “experts” disagree on what is actually happening, and how the virus spreads. In dentistry, our biggest concern is with aerosols, because we are surrounded by them all day long to provide care to our patients.

I’ve found the best thing is to look when deciphering what is true and what isn’t, are real, long term studies with solid facts and data. Viruses really don’t care about opinions.

One interesting study on how to live healthier comes from a special group of people who live far longer than the average person.

Last year a TED Talk was given by a psychologist named Susan Pinker. She shared her insight on studying why certain people live longer than others.

She discovered a little island village called Sardinia in Italy where residents regularly live to 100 years old and beyond.

The amazing part - this little village has ten times more 100+ year olds than anywhere in North America.

Here are the Top 10 factors she found that keep people alive for so long:

10. Clean air.

9. Blood Pressure.

8. Healthy weight.

7. Exercise.

6. Cardiac rehabilitation.

5. Flu vaccine.

4. Stopping drinking.

3. Quitting Smoking.

2. Close relationships…surrounding yourself with people you can trust and look to for guidance.

1. What do you think the #1 reason people stay alive the longest is? Social Integration!

This IS NOT the same thing as social media, in fact, social media has proven to make our health worse at times. Just like the news, the more we participate in it, the more we can feel that the sky is falling. You’ll smell just like whatever you bathe in.

I find it interesting that families can gather in the living room, while each member is on their own device, reading and sharing with people outside the walls of their homes, on social media. Meanwhile the most important people around them are literally just a few feet away. It’s ironic!

During this time of crisis, we should all look to strengthen our personal relationships with the people who matter most, and as a side benefit it just may help us stay healthier, boost our immune systems and live longer.

Dr. Tyler Williams, D.D.S.

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