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Nothing is “more American” than...

Posted July 03, 2019.

Red Sox vs. Yankees, is there a more well known, long standing rivalry, with a deep and unique history than this one?

Last month my wife Megan and I had the opportunity to travel to New York City for a few days with a group of friends to get away for the weekend. It was fantastic! The thing I love most about visiting New York (for the second time), was how much you can see, eat, and do in just a few days. Some of our highlights were the Yankees vs. Red Sox baseball game, the 9/11 Memorial, and of course Joe’s (famous, by the slice, open until 3AM) Pizza.

Some people say Baseball is the American sport, since it was the first professional one to be established in our country and was around even back during the time of the Civil War. I have made a point out of attending several Major League Baseball games, not because I’m a huge fan of any one team, and not because I’m a die-hard, statistic loving follower of the sport, but because of the culture and experience at a game.

Many will tell you that NYC is the greatest city in the world, and whether you agree or not, there’s definitely a high-paced and diverse culture that makes it unique. When we visited the 9/11 Memorial, I was overcome with a very solemn feeling of respect and gratitude for our nation and it’s heroes. It’s amazing that we can travel across the country on a relatively short plane flight and witness such a powerful tribute to our Freedom.

I hope this Independence day and month of remembering what you love most about our Country, you enjoy the summer evenings and activities you love to be a part of. Of course, I hope you enjoy your favorite summer foods as well. By the way - don’t forget to wear head and mouth protection during any recreational activities you are part of.

For my family, we will be enjoying lots of outdoor time while the kids are out of school. Hopefully just enough so they’ll be ready to get back into school when fall approaches. Summer always goes by too fast for me, but I love the long daylight and ability to enjoy everything our great state has to offer.

Happy July!

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