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30 Day Flossing Challenge Reminder

Posted April 30, 2021.

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Saturday May 1st) is the last day to begin our 30 day flossing challenge if you are interested.

Floss and win an Apple Watch!

Join the 30 day challenge - open to Pinecrest Dental patients, as well as your friends and family! Download this form or text us at (855) 625-2554 to get a copy sent to you.

May the best flosser win! #flossing #toothwhitening


To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?

Posted April 14, 2021.

Just recently, I received the two-step Pfizer Covid vaccine; everything went just fine, and other than a little soreness in my shoulder, I didn't notice any other symptoms!


30 Day Flossing Challenge

Posted March 31, 2021.

Floss and win an Apple Watch!

Join the 30 day challenge - open to Pinecrest Dental patients, as well as your friends and family! Download this form or text us at (855) 625-2554 to get a copy sent to you.

May the best flosser win! #flossing #toothwhitening


Anxiety of the Dentist?

Posted March 01, 2021.

Every person in the world suffers from some sort of fear, but did you know, approximately 60% of the U.S. population suffers from a form of anxiety, fear, or phobia toward dental procedures? This is truly an unbelievable amount!


Your 3 Levels of Friendship

Posted February 22, 2021.

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, once wrote about three very distinct types of friendships in the eighth volume of The Nicomachean Ethics; the friendship of utility, the friendship of pleasure, and the friendship of the good. Out of these three types of friendships, there is only one that will last the test of time, which is something we all strive to achieve.


What’s Your Creativity Outlet?

Posted February 16, 2021.

We had to cancel an upcoming flight to Mexico because of the new CDC restrictions that may have prevented us from returning home. We had a couples trip planned, and we didn’t want to get stranded from our kids. But there are still plenty of fun things to do stateside.


An Extra “Dry” Winter?

Posted February 09, 2021.

Can you believe how mild this winter has been so far? I bet that in March we will get dumped on with snow here in the Salt Lake Valley! The good news is we have passed the winter solstice, so the days and evening daylight is now getting longer.


A New Year’s Poem for You!

Posted January 07, 2021.

Happy New Year to you! We thank you for a great year, your relationships, and for sharing your smiles with us!


Win a Bose Soundbar!

Posted December 23, 2020.

Christmas is right around the corner, can you believe it? This year has just “Zoomed” by (literally and figuratively).


Here’s How You Can Help A Needy Vet This Year...

Posted November 25, 2020.

Do you know that many Veterans right in our backyard are suffering with the lack of a confident smile? Let alone the ability to chew the foods they enjoy. This special group of patriots are in need. And you can help!


Give Your Body Some Credit

Posted October 20, 2020.

By the end of today, nearly 130 people in the US will die from opioid drug overdose. It’s a growing problem, but more on that in a moment...


Happy October, But Don’t Be Scared...

Posted October 06, 2020.

It’s October, the month of “scares” and changing seasons. It’s also National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month so we are providing you with some dental and preventative health this this week.


19 Years Later, A Day We’ll Never Forget

Posted September 10, 2020.

Happy “Tooth’s-day!” With all of the unique events happening in the world right now, it’s easy for us forget about reflecting on what we’ve learned from the past.


A Recipe For Safety

Posted August 19, 2020.

A couple of weeks ago I shared an email with you about a motorcycle accident which we witnessed. It got me thinking about being more careful on the roads when we are driving and when we are on two wheeled vehicles. (I spend a fair amount of time on my mountain bike and road bike so I’m always on the lookout!)


Tips from our Friend and Patient, DR. RANDY BISHOP

Posted August 08, 2020.

Audiology is the study of normal and disordered hearing. It involves both a scientific discipline and a clinical profession. An audiologist is a health care professional that is educated in both of these areas. The entry level degree is a doctorate. The audiologist is credentialed through a professional accrediting body usually after a one year residency and then licensed in their state of residency.


Have You Heard of “Anti-Dentite?”

Posted July 30, 2020.

In our crazy world, we all need a laugh. Here’s one of my favorite clips of Jerry Seinfeld making fun of dentists.


Here are 9 Ways to be Happier This Summer

Posted July 21, 2020.

Last Friday night we were driving through 9000 South to my brothers house for an outdoor movie night with the family, when all the sudden in a congested area of traffic, we heard a loud screeching crash.


Get $50 in Gift Certificates and Help Salt Lake Donated Dental Services

Posted July 06, 2020.

This is a reminder that you have just 2 weeks left to get $50 in bonus gift certificates when you buy my new book: Join the Implant Revolution: 3 Things Every Adults Needs to Know About Smile Transformation. All of the proceeds from this book will go to one of our favorite charities, Salt Lake Donated Dental Services.


Live Longer With This Social Tip

Posted July 02, 2020.

There is a lot of speculation about the Coronavirus and how it works these days. Is it spreading fast? Is it better than projected? Or is it worse than projected? Can it be transferred on surfaces or not?


We’ve Updated The Office For YOU, Here’s How!

Posted April 20, 2020.

By now you may be growing tired of cleaning and re-cleaning your house and scrubbing every corner and every drawer in your house. I bet you’re all caught up on spring cleaning.


Coronavirus Prevention Update!

Posted March 14, 2020.

These days everyone is talking about COVID-19, the "Coronavirus," so we thought we'd provide you with an update on how it may impact your oral health.


Where Most People Miss Out...

Posted Jan 13, 2020.

I love to work out. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not posing to be a super-workout-junkie. I just love the feeling of exercise and how it clears my mind and helps me feel better about everything in life. One of my favorite Christmas gifts ever are my AirPods my wife gave me, because of how much I love to listen to books and podcasts while I bike or go to the gym. I typically exercise 5-6 days per week, but some of my workouts are just 30 minutes.


New Year (Food) Recovery!

Posted Jan 13, 2020.

I've always been amazed at logistics. For under 60 cents you can get a piece of mail or an important letter across the country, in under three days. We have many patients who work for either UPS, FedEx, the postal service or long haul and short haul trucking.


The Second Most Dangerous Job In America!

Posted December 16, 2019.

I work in a very dangerous environment. In fact, dentistry was rated as the second most dangerous career today. You will probably burst out laughing like my wife said when I told her that being a dentist was the second most dangerous job today.


It’s Flu Season!

Posted December 09, 2019.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I got hit with a lingering cold. Have you had your turn yet? I figured I’d “get it out of the way” early this winter. It could have been much worse, I didn’t miss any work or family activities. No flu for me.


Winter Hasn’t Even Begun Yet!

Posted November 12, 2019.

I took this photo from an airplane, at around 5:30 am on October 25th on my flight to Denver for a Small Business conference. When I landed in Colorado, everyone was talking about the early snow this year and the predicted 15 inches of snow to fall later that weekend - one of the earliest in years according to the people I spoke with in the area.


How To Enter To WIN A Disney Vacation For 4!

Posted October 9, 2019.

Recently my team and I put together a referral Disneyland giveaway for 4. It's been alot of fun to see the excitement building. But we just added a new way you can be entered to win!


Why Tua Chooses Pinecrest Dental!

Posted October 04, 2019.

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Oh my gosh! I can't tell you but it has been one of the greatest experience. The staff what can I say they're just awesome and I have never never ever felt this way about any staff anywhere.

Halloween Can Be Scary, Even For Hillary Duff!

Posted September 19, 2019.

There are a lot of things in life we take for granted. Recently, our 3 year-old Nora turned on a hose and left it running near the window well, which seeped nearly 200 gallons of water into our basement. Thank goodness for those powerful fans from the flood company, a warm climate that week, and our dry air in Utah.


How Was Work Today?

Posted August 28, 2019.

A few weeks ago I was driving and noticed a billboard that said “How was work today?” and it linked to this website: I of course love my job and our fantastic patients, so when I arrived to somewhere I could stop the car, I voted thumbs up right away.


Diabetes Type 3 And Your Gums

Posted August 21, 2019.

Some physicians are now calling Alzheimer's "Diabetes Type 3" because of the involvement with insulin resistance and sugar, blood sugar and those kind of things.

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How are Smartwatch can Improve Your Dental Health!

Posted August 16, 2019.

I wanted to take a minute today and talk about two benefits of having a Smartwatch that you may not be aware of. Now smartwatches are all the craze and right now and it started a couple of years ago with the Fitbit as we started to track you know how many steps we take and exercise and those kind of things. I think one of the best things about it is it makes us all a little bit more aware of what's happening with our health and what we're doing with our day.

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The Who, What and Why of Root Canal Therapy? Here’s What You Should Know

Posted August 08, 2019.

If you have a tooth where the bacterial infection from a carious lesion, aka a cavity, has reached the pulp of the tooth. Other indications for Root Canal Therapy are for cracked or chipped teeth, fillings that are too close to the pulp and cause irreversible inflammation, and certain other types of injuries a tooth may have been subject to such as trauma. Lingering sensitivity to temperature changes, discomfort upon biting, and tenderness of gums around a tooth and signs of an abscess are also signs of a tooth that may need Root Canal Therapy. Root Canal Therapy is an excellent pain-relieving procedure.

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Jerry Seinfeld Teaches a Parenting Lesson

Posted August 05, 2019.

This summer has been a lot of fun, as usual, it’s a fantastic time of year. We have so much to do all around us. Recently our oldest son, Judson turned 11, which reminded me that I have now been a father for 11 years. Wow. Time flies fast. It also reminded me of something I learned from Jerry Seinfeld that relates to parenting. This principle also relates to exercise, friendship or anything else that requires hard work and discipline in life.

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Dermatologists vs Pediatricians?

Posted July 24, 2019.

Now that summer's here you're probably looking forward to get outside and enjoy some sunshine and enjoy all the great summer activities we have around us and you know if you're like me it's great to be out in the warmth and doing all the fun activities that we have in our natural surroundings.


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