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Uber and your mouth?

Posted July 23, 2019.

Hey it's nice to be back with you today. Today we want to talk about Uber and the health of your mouth and what I mean is USA Today recently published an article about the bacteria levels in Uber cars so they found that there are 35,000 more bacteria in the backseat of an Uber on average than on the toilet seat.


Why be part of our team?

Posted July 09, 2019.

Alexis, Why did you choose to be the part of the team Pinecrest Dental?
I chose to be a team member here at Pinecrest Dental because I absolutely love helping patients. This is my first job in the dental industry. I have never worked in a place where I felt good at the end of the day, really helping people. So it is really important to me to make sure to give patients the best care and I absolutely love being able to do it here at Pinecrest Dental.


New Technology Transforms Your Smile, Faster and More Comfortably Than Ever!

Posted July 05, 2019.

Have you considered how straight teeth could benefit your oral health? It’s a big and important decision to make, but it goes way beyond a brighter and more confident smile. A smile can be life changing.


Nothing is “more American” than...

Posted July 03, 2019.

Red Sox vs. Yankees, is there a more well known, long standing rivalry, with a deep and unique history than this one?...


Updated Findings: Does Flossing Really Work?

Posted June 25, 2019.

Some time ago, flossing became controversial, when a journalist stated that the research was unproven and unfounded in saving your teeth. I've been reading some updated research on flossing daily, so I put this short video together for you.


Will you keep getting cavities?

Posted June 6, 2019.

So a question we get all the tiem at the office is...


ABCs of Better Sleep-Better Breathing

Posted June 3, 2019.

Hey welcome back today we're gonna be talking about an important subject that I'm asked about all the time which is what's the deal with these new Sleep appliances...


5 Reasons to Floss Today!

Posted May 27, 2019.

If you're like most Americans you may not floss regularly or even at all don't worry you're not alone the good news is there's still time to act and you can save your teeth for years to come so you can enjoy your smile for a lifetime here are five reasons you should start flossing today you won't regret it I promise.


Have a Wonderful, Safe Day Today!

Posted May 25, 2019.

To support our Vets who have given so much to this country, we will soon be giving away our 3rd annual “Help a Vet Smile” Giveaway - a program we designed to give a Smile Makeover of dental implants to a special Vet in need. You can see a sneak preview of this year’s program and how YOU can nominate our NEXT VET here.


I’m just like you, sometimes I have to see the dentist too!

Posted May 23, 2019.

Here’s real evidence, that even as your dentist I have to take my turn sometimes!

A dentist at the dentist?

It’s true. Even a dentist like me is a real human, and I have to take a turn in “the chair” throughout the year. In fact, in the past decade I’ve had: braces, 4 gum grafts, my first crown and root canal, several teeth resealed, a chipped tooth from a pothole on my bike and another from my 4 year old hitting me in the face, plus several teeth updated from older work that needed replacing. So for a lot of the things I recommenced, I literally “feel” what you do.


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