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The Next Century

Posted Oct 25, 2021.

GThere's a lot of uncertainty in the world today about the future. But I also believe there's a lot of promise. For example, we've never lived in a more advanced and progressive society where we can communicate quickly and take advantage of technology that improves every single day to make our lives easier. At the same time. I believe the world has become a lot noisier.

So, what does the next century hold for us?

Only time will tell, but there are three trends I've noticed impacting us today, and likely our lives in the future. They are:

  1. More artificial intelligence. Do I think this is going to replace people? Not completely, there are simply things that only humans can do, that robots, or artificial intelligence cannot. However, there are also things that I believe artificial intelligence is better at than humans, such as automated tasks and multitasking, which people are not designed to do. (A recent study found that multitasking lowers our IQ more than pot smoking does, so proceed with caution!) I believe the future will be a powerful combination of people working with artificial intelligence to deliver better experiences at work and home for all of us.
  2. Health. There's one thing that all of us have been aware of throughout the past 18 months. It’s our health and wellness. The positive side effect of the worldwide pandemic has been an increased awareness of health in our community and world. We've noticed with our increased patient demand at the office, and questions that have been asked, people are much more aware of what they need to do to get or stay healthy and how the health of their mouth affects the health of their entire body.
  3. Increased ability to learn. We have so many tools and technologies at our fingertips today. All of us have the ability to learn in a format and setting that work best for us. The traditional classroom will probably not go away anytime soon. But at the same time, there are alternative options for many ways to learn. “Highway University” has been a great place for me to learn. As I listen to podcasts, talks, and books on my commute to and from work or when I'm out on a bike ride. That's an atmosphere that works well for me when I have time to think, by myself, during a time of peace and quiet, but it's not for everybody. There are times when I also learned better in a group setting.

Recently, I participated in the Tour of St. George. It’s a long road bike race in southern Utah. There is a 30 mile, 57 mile, 75 mile, and 100 mile option. I chose to signup for the 100 mile, which is called a “century ride” to cyclists. It involves weeks of training and preparation, which included cycling, two or three times per week for six to eight weeks on my bike, as well as cross training other days of the week with weights and running. What I discovered during this process is that good sleep, and proper nutrition, may be the most important aspect of training for a long ride.

Although I won't be joining the Tour de France anytime soon, this experience was a lot of fun. I enjoy the outdoors, and being on new roads, and I always love an excuse to take a trip to our beautiful Southern Utah for some outdoor exploration. I don’t consider myself an endurance athlete, I simply enjoy biking in the mountains and on the road.

I'm excited for what the next century holds. Even though I probably won't be around to see all of it, our grandchildren, as well as yours, will be able to participate in continued advances in our society, and build upon the shoulders of the things that we are laying down today.

From all of us at Pinecrest Dental. We hope you have a great week.

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Have a great week!

Dr. Tyler Williams

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