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Uber and Your Mouth?

Posted July 23, 2019.

Hey it's nice to be back with you today. Today we want to talk about Uber and the health of your mouth. What I mean is, USA Today recently published an article about the bacteria levels in Uber cars. So, they found that there are 35,000 more bacteria in the backseat of an Uber on average than on the toilet seat.

They also found that an Uber car has 219 times more bacteria than a taxi. So, that's an alarming pretty high numbers but I also think it's not as big of a deal as they make it sound like and what I mean is sometimes when you hear about bacteria you don't hear about which is good and which is bad. So not all of that bacteria may be bad and you know taxi cabs apparently have more scrutiny and have more regulations on how they have to clean the cars where is Uber because their passengers vehicles are driven by non taxi drivers is they're not always under the same regulation. So what that means for you is you know in our mouths there are millions and millions of bacteria in fact in one sick tooth has either gum disease or Decatur can be up to a billion with a B, bacteria. Now those are bad bacteria generally in our teeth when we have a sick tooth or mouth but there also can be millions of good bacteria and the goal is you want to improve and increase the number of good bacteria in your mouth you can do that with good home health, good hygiene, and also eating the right foods. You know eating foods with prebiotic’s and you know you can do a quick Google search for prebiotic foods but those are good for both your mouth and your digestive tract and that includes things like vegetables with good kind of fiber good fruits and avoiding starchy processed foods which can promote bad bacteria. So what this means for you is if you promote those good bacteria you'll have more good breath, you'll avoid the bacteria that causes yellowing teeth and also it'll keep you from getting gingivitis or gum disease. I hope this helps and hope you have a wonderful week.

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