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We All Have Different Paths

Posted July 12, 2022.

Back in February 2020, just before the pandemic surprised all of us my wife Megan and I took our three kids to their first ever trip to Mexico for an early spring break.

To this day it is was still one of our most memorable trips ever.

We had a great time at the resort and spent our week in water and beach activities just about the entire time.

One day we took a boat ride to an island hike called Quimixto. It was a stunning bow ride and we found some authentic and delicious street tacos just before we took off.

The hike is great for families because it’s only a mile or so but about halfway up we took the wrong path because as we were talking and enjoying the scenery and animals around us, we missed a very small sign with an arrow.

This one little detour made our hike twice as long as it was supposed to be. It’s funny how life works on time right? Some small decision to make sure forget to make can sometimes cause us headache or (my least favorite) wasted time.

I’ve reflected on this several times thought about the bigger lesson in this small mistake.

What “little signs” are you missing that could be making your life, career or family relationships harder than they need to be? Or what great things could you be missing out on that your future self would thank you for?

We get to witness this first hand regularly when we transform someone’s smile and restore their confidence. Over the years many of our patients have said “I only wish I would’ve done this sooner!”

Recently I read some excerpts from a book called Living Forward. In it, the author makes a case for creating “life accounts.” Just like with your bank accounts you would make “deposits” into these for things like health and wellness, relationships, exercise etc.

Which accounts are empty right now? Which are running low?

Without them you simply may not build the life you wish.

My wife (Megan) and I have experienced very different journeys to get answers to some of our own personal health questions.

Now we agree and support each on many more food and health choices than ever before.

But we had very different paths to get there.

For a few years I experienced headaches almost every afternoon near the end of my workday, was always dead tired every night, and would get sudden drops in my energy.

For Megan she has suffers with, knee, wrist and joint pain for years, as well as feeling uncomfortable or sick after eating regular meals.

We did our own personal study, doctor consultations, and lots of reading and listening to books and podcasts. In the end it’s amazing how many of the concepts we have learned have converged, but of course we each had different paths to arrive at our destination.

Now we feel healthier and better than we probably ever have. Not that things were terrible before, but just more learning about our own bodies and how to better treat them.

Whatever your journeys are, we are appreciative to be a part of your life and your oral and sleep health journey.

Have a great 4th of July!

Have a great month!

Dr. Tyler Williams

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