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Why be part of our team?

Posted July 09, 2019.


Alexis, Why did you choose to be the part of the team Pinecrest Dental?

I chose to be a team member here at Pinecrest Dental because I absolutely love helping patients. This is my first job in the dental industry. I have never worked in a place where I felt good at the end of the day, really helping people. So it is really important to me to make sure to give patients the best care and I absolutely love being able to do it here at Pinecrest Dental.

Why did you choose to work at the Pinecrest Dental

I choose to work at Pinecrest Dental because we have a great team and I want to ensure that people have a smile that they are confident about so that they can go out there and eat, drink and chew and just laugh and just have a good time with their family.

Brianne, Why did you choose to work at Pinecrest Dental?

One of the things I love about Pinecrest Dental is we really value patient education and we value serving others. We have various programs in which we help raise money for the homeless and give charity to vets and different things like that. And it is something that is very important to me that I am not only using my skills to help people with their teeth but also to help people just in general. And that is something in this office that they value.

Lennox, what is your favorite thing about working at Pinecrest Dental?

I've always wanted to work in dentist office and I did a Dental Assisting program. When I was in a school I really knew that I wanted a really strong relationship with patients that was a really important value for me. When I was looking for the place to work this Pinecrest Dental had really great patient values and really good relationship with patients and I think that is my favourite part about working here and I love the team that I work with.

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