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Will you keep getting cavities?

Posted June 6, 2019.

So a question we get all the tiem at the office is, should I expect continue have to cavities fixed or get root canals or crowns or once I get this work done should I be good? You know really that depends a lot just like you would drive a car how you take care of your home there are a lot more factors than that but I'm the University of Illinois ran a study and found that you know for the millions of bacteria in our mouths they can be transferred even from something like kissing so cavities are an infection and that's what a lot of people don't realize is that a cavity it's not just a hole in your tooth it;s actually an active infection you usually don't feel it beacuse it's in the hard part of your tooth but as the cavity gets bigger, sometimes you'll start to feel sensitivity and if you don't then unfortunately it gets too late and then often you'll have a infected rude or a cracked tooth beacause the tooth becomes so weakened from the decay so in a cavity you can have up to a billion bad bacteria that's billion with a beep now not all backs here in our mouth are bad you're supposed to have bacteria humans are meant to have bacteria in our bodies but it's getting the wrong kinds in there and as long as you have bacteria in at least one tooth or if it's in 10 teeth those will continue to multiply and spread and your saliva is sort of teir transportation to other parts of your mouth so you want to take cavities taken care of as quick as possible you also want to add some more things to your home routine and you may need to come in and get professional preventive visits more frequently.

Even between kissing the University of Illinois found that eighty million bacteria can be transferred from one person to another so if they're good bacteria that's great if they're bad bacteria that's not so great that can mean you can get more tooth decay so if you want to learn more information or get a free consultation you can visit our website. I have a couple differnt guides that we can share with you. That'll help you know what you can do a home starting today to reduce cavities and avoid unnecessarily dental treatment and good luck with that and let us know how we can help , have a great day!

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