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It’s Practically Here

Posted December 23, 2017.

Today is Christmas Eve, Eve! (Is that a real thing?) My wife Megan and I are excited because our 3 children are at the “golden age” for Christmas, ranging from ages 1-9. To them, everything we do, every day this month, is magic. We even took care of our winter colds and runny noses before Santa comes this year. The kids are ecstatic because everything they’ve waited for all month is about to come true…and we know as parents it will be even more enjoyable for us as we get to watch their excitement when they wake up on Monday.


As the winter sets in (officially 2 days ago on the 21st), some of us look forward to winter sports, the beautiful white snow, or a break for the heat. But it’s easy to get down and feel dreary from the darker days ahead. Take a moment to find your biggest time or energy “vampires” and minimize the time you spend on them. You can read more ways to stay positive during the winter on The Positivity Blog .


How are some writers and journalists improving their writing? By using an old-school, low-tech typewriter. Where does this vintage piece of equipment have a place in 2018? For one, using a typewriter keeps you free from distraction. How many times have I sat down on my laptop to type an important email or letter, only to get lost in searching for something online or by reading a less-important notification? With a typewriter you can stay focused on one thing – getting your message written! Plus may enthusiasts like the “raw” words that come from typing directly to paper. No green or red squiggly lines or auto-correct, just your thoughts coming straight on to the page. Here is a video of some Street Poets using their typewriters in action. Maybe I’ll look into a typewriter for 2018...

Did you or your parents or grandparents ever own one of these classics?


Have you heard the other version of the Grinch story? The one about his bad breath? As you may know, I’m a big fan of xylitol, a natural sugar found in birch trees and certain plants. It’s used in many ways now, but I use a xylitol and fluoride toothpaste every day to naturally fight bad breath and strengthen my teeth. Here’s the newly released poem by our friends at Xlear, How the Grinch Stinkified Christmas.


If you haven’t received a copy of my Special Report, The Straight Truth About Health During The Holidays: Four Simple Daily Practices That Can Literally Save You Thousands, And Add 10 Years To Your Smile Today, we still have a few copies available. If you call my office at (801) 509-9823 by Thursday, we’ll mail one to you. Or we will send you a digital copy by emailing with “Special Holiday Report” in the subject line. This free report is written exclusively for my patients and friends, and it shares my simple, 4-step daily routine that’s kept me cavity-free for 7+ years, especially during the holidays when there are treats galore!


If you’ve ever had to put up, decorate, or put away a Christmas tree, you’ll appreciate this video.


My wonderful team has worked hard this year, and brought smiles to many, so we’re taking a few days off. We’ll be closed December 23-26, but will be back in the office Wednesday – Friday (27th-29th). It’s the holidays, so we know things happen at inconvenient times, and we are here for you. If you have an urgent need you may reach our after hours phone line at (801)509-9823 and we will do our best to squeeze you in next week during the end of year rush. All of us at Pinecrest Dental wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for your meaningful relationships and the opportunity to serve you.


If you’d like to learn more on how xylitol can benefit your health at home, and the 4 things you can do today to prevent unnecessary dental care and expensive, painful root canals, I can help. Simply call me at (801) 618-1501 to book your FREE consultation today, or leave us with your contact info below, and we’ll reach out to you!

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