Are You Looking For A PERFECT Smile?

Are Six Month Smiles, Clear Braces Right For You? Take This 10 Step Assessment To Find Out!

Write down how many of these questions you answer yes to, then score yourself.

  1. Are your teeth crowded or do you have an overbite?
  2. Do you have gaps or spaces between any of your teeth?
  3. Are you embarrassed about a yellowing smile?
  4. Is it difficult to clean between any of your teeth due to poor alignment or crookedness?
  5. Have your teeth yellowed or stained more recently?
  6. Does build up (plaque) stick to your teeth frequently, such as on on the back of your front teeth, top and/or bottom?
  7. Do you have teeth that lean or stick out more than you’d like?
  8. Do you have teeth that are pushed back too much?
  9. Have you noticed recent shifting or movement of your teeth in the last 1-3 years?
  10. Are you willing to wear clear braces or a clear appliance for the next 6-9 months?

Score Yourself:

1-3 “Yes” Answers: You may get the results you want simply by whitening your teeth and having an oral health exam and checkup.

4-7 “Yes” Answers: You are a great candidate for Six Month Smiles or Clear Braces!

8-9 “Yes” Answers: You are a great candidate for Six Month Smiles or Clear Braces! In addition some bonding or whitening may further enhance your results.

10 “Yes” Answers: You may be a great candidate for Six Month Smiles or Clear Braces, however further evaluation or specialist consultation may be needed first.

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Six Month Smiles and Fastbraces® and are helping thousands of people achieve the straight smiles they have always wanted quicker than ever before! Fastbraces offer the benefits of traditional braces (18-36 months), but can help you reach your straight, beautiful smile in as little as six months! Learn more about Fastbraces in Murray, Utah, and schedule your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Tyler Williams by calling our friendly team at Pinecrest Dental today! Our dentist and our entire team looks forward to meeting you! 




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Before & After: Lilian had just a year before graduation, so she needed her ideal smile quickly!


Corexci graduated high school just days after this beautiful smile was finished!


Linda had a front tooth that was tipped backwards and always wanted to fix it, and with 6 Month Smiles, her smile transformed to what she always wanted it to be!


Megan was missing a tooth from childhood, and once it was lost she needed her teeth straightened so that her replacement tooth would match perfectly!


Samantha had braces as a child, but her teeth started to shift as an adult, so 6 Month Smiles came to the rescue to restore her beautiful smile!


Straight Teeth