The use of tobacco is harmful for your overall health and can cause extensive damage to your smile. Tobacco is devastating for gum and tooth tissue, and can lead to irreparable gum damage and tooth loss. Additionally, a tobacco addition can be a financial burden and prevent you from enjoying the lifestyle you desire. For our patients interested in quitting the use of tobacco, Dr. Tyler Williams can help! We are pleased to provide a variety of resources and treatment options to help our patients stop the use of tobacco.

Withdrawal symptoms can begin as early as a couple hours following a cigarette and tend to peak at three to five days. After two weeks, withdrawals diminish and disappear, and we are ready to help you through this demanding but important process. With our array of resources and treatment options, we can help you develop a personalized plan to quit smoking and provide you with the help you need. We cordially invite you to contact our friendly team at Pinecrest Dental today to learn more about our comprehensive care, including tobacco cessation in Murray, Utah. We are excited help you reach your goals, and we encourage you to schedule your next appointment with our experienced dentist today!