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Bright, white, and almost glowing smiles don’t only exist in ads. At Pinecrest Dental, we can make your smile shine using a process called tooth whitening. Tooth whitening removes stains and discoloration, turning your teeth white. It is a popular procedure in Murray, Utah, and we can easily set up a tooth whitening appointment for you.

Here’s how it may work: Dr. Tyler Williams will often schedule two or three appointments for a full whitening effect. During these appointments, he will probably use vital whitening, non-vital whitening, or both.

Vital whitening is applied to your real teeth that still contain nerves. Though vital whitening can be done with gel at home, dentists have access to more potent whitening solutions. After a substance is rubbed onto your gums to protect them, this whitening agent is applied to your teeth. Some of these solutions are activated by a laser light, so don’t be worried if Dr. Tyler Williams spends some time shining light onto your teeth.

Non-vital whitening is for dental implants, and because of the intricacy of the procedure, it should not be done at home. Often, the discoloration in fake teeth comes from the inside, so Dr. Tyler Williams may place the whitening agent within the tooth.

So why do you need to get your teeth whitened regularly? The answer is pellicle. Every day, a thin coating of pellicle develops over the enamel (enamel is the white part), and it colors the tooth yellow. Tooth brushing can eliminate most of the pellicle, but tiny increments usually stain the teeth. It builds up until the teeth are tinted yellow again. Smoking or consuming staining foods and drinks can rapidly speed up this yellowing process.

Remember, we can easily banish grimy yellow stains and restore the true bright white of your teeth again. Call Pinecrest Dental at (801) 503.0035 to schedule an appointment today.