Healthy Smiles Book

Are Dental Implants Right For You? Or Should You Save Your Teeth?

Call or text today to get your free copy of one of Dr. Williams latest books… Reason to Smile: 11 Keys to Your Best Oral Health Ever.

In this valuable book, you’ll discover:

1. Why your SMILE is the most noticeable feature when you meet someone new…more than your hair, eyes and even how you are dressed.
2. What today’s dentistry has to offer, and be “in the know” about your oral health – one of the best and most important investments you can make in a lifetime!
3. Why a visit to the dentist is no longer about keeping your mouth wide open while the dentist asks you questions.
4. Wh it’s no longer about pain, anxiety, or discomfort.
5. Why it is about your confidence and feeling great about one of the most vital parts of who you are: your smile!
6. Most importantly, what most implant dentists WON’T tell you about new implant options available to you.
Dr. Tyler Williams is an award-winning dental clinician, awarded as one of America’s Best Dentists 10 years in a row, and who will help you navigate your way to best health practices. 
You CAN avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist and feel great about your choices when it comes to the smile you’ve always wanted. 
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