Membership Renewal

Award Winning Dental Care in Taylorsville Utah It’s Time To Renew Your Membership Plan!

Ready for another great year with the Pinecrest Smile Club?


Your breath will be fresher, teeth whiter and a smile that lasts longer.


In fact, 89% of our members in the Pinecrest Smile Club expressed that they are likely or very likely to renew their plan again.

Top reasons our patients like you choose to renew their Pinecrest Smile Club membership include:

  • Preventative care
  • An alternative to traditional dental insurance
  • Coverage on major services that dental insurance typically does not cover, such as veneers, teeth straightening and dental implants
  • Teeth whitening
Select monthly pay option, or prepay in full to get 3 months of your membership benefits for FREE!
A Healthier Smile In 12 Months, GUARANTEED!
(Or you 3rd fluoride treatment is free.)
  • Platinum Membership Enrollment (prepay) $687 – (Monthly Payments) $825 year ($69 per month)
  • Gold Membership Enrollment (Prepay) $437 – (Monthly) $568 year/$47 per month
  • Gold+ Membership Enrollment (prepay) $1297 year – (Monthly) $1573 year/ $131 per month – Includes household of 4
  • Junior Enrollment Membership (Prepay) $387 for year – (Monthly) $464 year/ $39 per month
  • Silver Membership Enrollment (prepay) $267 year – (Monthly) $320 year/ $27 per month

Here are some commonly asked questions about our Pinecrest membership plans.

  1. How does this compare to insurance? Dental insurance is great for the basic needs of patients. If it’s offered by an employer it can be a nice benefit. However many of our patients have found that insurance does not cover the services they truly want especially when it comes to things like implants the nearest whitening cosmetic dentistry for major dental work. Our plan is not insurance, it is a membership. The addvantage with our membership program is that you get savings on all major services, including implants and preventative care.
  2. What type of savings do I get? Going out which membership plan you purchase you will see savings on implants, crowns, teeth straight, oral sedation, gum treatment, emergency dentistry, virtual dentistry, and of course preventative care.
  3. Does my plan include preventative care and checkups? Absolutely. Two preventative checkups and cleanings are included each year. Depending on which level of membership you choose you also receive significant savings on additional or emergency or problem focused related additional visits.
  4. What type of financing options do you offer? We offer in house financing, prepayment savings and 3rd party financing options. In house monthly payment financing and prepayment savings are our most popular payment types. As a membership plan member, you’ll receive the lowest available rates on monthly payments – it’s our commitment to you for taking great care of yourself.
  5. What times of day can I use your schedule appointment for? Our members receive first priority on scheduling, including most convenient times such as: early mornings, late afternoon,lunchtimes, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  6. What is included when I enroll? Preventative check ups, xylitol gift bags including a mid-year refill, additional warranty extension as long as you remain a member on the plan, and much more. Members are eligible for free upgrades on premium ceramics, implants and high-tech materials as well.
  7. What if I need help when I’m traveling or out of state? You’re always just a click or call away – especially for our members. Plus with our new virtual dentistry platform we can set up a virtual meeting with you if you are out of state or traveling, or if you were simply just unable to come to the office on any given day. The service allows us to troubleshoot your problem and get you necessary prescriptions if needed efficient and timely manner. Hauser Pinecrest membership plan member you are entitled to the greatest savings on this new and revolutionary service.
  8. How about cosmetic dentistry? Of course! Your plan gives you exclusive savings on veneers, implants, cosmetic dentures, clear braces and more. These are services which are not typically covered by most dental insurance plans anyway. Plus as a member you receive savings on the next household members implant or clear braces as an added bonus.
  9. What else is covered that is not included with traditional types of insurance? Extended warranties on services here are never covered by traditional insurance. But, as long as you maintain your Pinecrest membership enrollment, your warranty is extended, including some of our warranties on certain implants, onlays and crowns, which are good for the rest of your life.
  10. Can I use this at other offices? Unfortunately the benefits only work at Pinecrest Dental, however we have built a trusted network of medical and dental providers that we can refer you to, and who will take excellent care of you if needed for things such as sleep apnea testing or specialized surgical procedures. The key is by using your plan with us, we will be able to guide you to extra help when needed, while preventing most bigger problems (such as root canals, tooth loss, TMJ and sleeping issues) from happening all together.
  11. Do Pinecrest membership plans include other benefits? We offer several membership only promotions throughout the year that you will have first dibs on including patient appreciation parties etc. Even though it is best to call ahead, you are also given first priority for walk in visits, in case you ever have an urgent need, and we’ll fit you in to our earliest opening. Plus you’ll receive the best rates on in-office financing as a Pinecrest member, and you are eligible for free extended warranties as long as you keep your plan renewed.