Biomimetic Dentistry

“Crowns” and “Fillings” are so 1990’s….


Why Should You Seek A Dentist That Offers (Tooth-Saving) Biomimetic Dentistry?

Only a small group of dentists offer this niche treatment, and we are happy to have saved thousands of teeth, by avoiding root canals, overly aggressive crowns, or implants.

  • At the heart of Biomimetic Dentistry is saving more of your teeth and avoiding pain, tooth loss and excessive “drilling.”
  • Biomimetic Dentistry, a niche type of tooth-conserving dentistry, treats your weak, cracked, or decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from invading bacteria. 
  • The PRISM protocol we designed in our office has decreased the need of many patients around Utah and surrounding states from cutting teeth down for avoidable root canals.
  • The best part: you will have less time in the chair, save more of your natural smile, and lower your out of pocket costs compared to the way that most dental offices drill your teeth.


Why don’t more people know about this type of treatment? 

Because it isn’t taught in dental schools, it takes more time to learn, and costs more to implement, most offices don’t want to take the extra time and resources to implement it. Simply put, they think it’s too much work! But you can rest assured that we’ve successfully performed thousands of these procedures on our family, patients and guests with outstanding results. 

4 Reasons BIOMIMETIC DENTISTRY is Your Better Option:

  1. High-Tech: Strong, long-lasting, tooth-colored composite tooth restorations are used to restore the problem tooth. Often these are designed digitally with our 3-d scanner
  2. Ultraconservative: your treatment minimizes cutting to avoid removing too much of your natural tooth. Unfortunately most crowns and fillings done today are too aggressive because most dentists have not been trained on this niche technique
  3. Minimally Invasive: Deep drilling is avoided whenever possible, no more “old school” crowns and 2-5 times fewer root canals! (Our patients love this, because most people hate the extra pain and/or cost of root canals)
  4. Cosmetic Excellence: Each tooth you have renewed or restored is made as natural and bright as possible.


“Less is Best When it comes to Drilling Teeth”

We adhere to the The Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry guidelines, which is limited to a smaller group of dentists that adhere to the gold standards of tooth-preserving and cosmetic Dentistry, which serves as an alternative to traditional dental therapy. Biomimetic dentistry is designed to completely avoid all the painful or expensive dentistry complications by using the latest techniques and technology the first time around to mimic your tooth’s natural structure. Those who seek us out specifically ask for this type of dentistry. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Bonding & Sealants – Way Better than Root Canals! As a patient, you should demand fewer root canals or crowns. These are far too outdated for today’s technology where they can usually be avoided. There are times when a tooth suffers damage (from decay, for example), when cracks have formed, or when old silver or old white fillings have gaps or micro-cracks (observed by our digital imaging and cameras. In these cases we recommend a resin-bonded (“tooth colored”) restoration. This is what I recommend and routinely perform on my own family members, rarely root canals, and no longer crowns.

BONDED Cavity Renewal: Average Vs. Good  This example shows a non-PRISM restoration (left) done at another office that is just a few months or a few years old. We routinely find and fix these for our patients all of the time. On the right you can see an example of a bonded tooth that has a PRISM look to it and will likely last for many years longer. 

The first step is numbing your tooth with a local anesthetic (which you can have reversed at the end of your procedure – our patients love it!), and then removing the decay and/or cracks. This is done to prevent decay (tooth infection), from progressing deeper into the tooth. We then place some cleansers, primers and bonding agents to the affected area and then bond it with the most advanced resins available today. It is sometimes normal for these teeth to be sensitive to temperature or chewing for a few days, but rarely do our patients experience “pain” or discomfort afterward. You are able to eat and chew the foods you enjoy right away. Floss and brush regularly as directed and let us know if any lingering discomfort arises, which may be a sign of a deeper problem that existed prior to starting your treatment. 

SEALANTS are placed in a similar manner as above, but without or with minimal modification of your tooth, these protect teeth from decay and future cracks. These make teeth very smooth, keep breath fresher and strengthen our enamel!

COSMETIC BONDING is used to treat small, discolored, worn, cracked or narrow teeth. It usually involves minimal or no drilling and enhances the natural beauty and strength of teeth.

You will also receive a 2-5 year warranty on workmanship and materials as long as you remain an active member in our office!

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