Dentist Xylitol

Xylitol: The Natural Sugar That’s Good For Your Smile’s Health

NATURAL SWEETENER, That Not Only Reduces Dental Decay And Sinus Problems, But Gives You FRESHER BREATH For Those Up Close Conversations!


The candy and/or gum you are receiving today is 100% sweetened with xylitol, which is a natural ingredient that is derived from birch trees and corn husks. You may hear a major buzz about xylitol because it is a simple and delicious way to fight tooth decay and prevent sinus infections. Our office feels that it may be very beneficial to your oral health! Here is a short list of why xylitol is becoming the “new fluoride” for dental health!


  • Xylitol reduces tooth decay by up to 80% and assists in the remineralization of damaged enamel.
  • Xylitol causes the bad tooth decay-causing bacteria (plaque) to lose its ability to adhere to teeth.
  • Xylitol tastes sweet without an artificial “aftertaste” like those harmful synthetic sugars. You will love it!
  • Xylitol has 40% fewer calories than sugar. Xylitol is safe for diabetics and doesn’t raise glycemic incidence.
  • Xylitol is safe* for babies and pregnant mothers.
  • Xylitol helps prevent bad breath by slowing down the growth of harmful mouth bacteria.


By Making Xylitol A Regular Part Of Your Family’s Home Care, You’ll FEEL AND TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!. We Recommended 1-2 Grams, Five Separate Times Daily, Especially For People Who Always “GET CAVITIES.”

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*Warning: xylitol is great for kids and adults, but can make your pets very sick, keep away from dogs! In excessive amounts (more than 30 grams per day), xylitol can cause diarrhea, otherwise it is very safe!