Drinking Enough Water

Is Your Family Drinking Enough Water?

Researchers Confirm That Doing This “ONE Thing” With Your Child EVERY DAY Will Prevent Decay, Freshen Breath, Increase Comfort AND Prevent Other Related Disease…

We’ve all heard that “a little goes a long way,” and the same is true for caring for our kids. As a proud parent of 3, I understand how busy you are, raising a family while working and keeping a life balance.


But, I Am Concerned About The #1 Chronic Disease In Children, And How It’s Affecting Our Community!


You see, Early Childhood Tooth decay is the #1 chronic disease in kids*, and besides it’s effects on health, it causes alot of missed school for kids each year and expensive time of work for adults. 40% of kids under the age of 5 develop tooth decay, that’s almost half! The great news is that with a simple daily trick, we can decrease the impact on this preventable disease and keep our children even healthier!


Emergency Care For Dental Complaints “Cost Up To 2.1 BILLION!” Yes That’s Billion With A “B!”


Kids with tooth decay are 3 times more likely to miss school, which results in 51 million school hours missed each year in the U.S.A.! Not to mention the recovery time and parents time away from important activities like supporting the family. So what’s the “trick” to help prevent this growing disease?


DRINK WATER With And After EVERY Meal For MAXIMUM Benefits!

It’s FREE And Great For Teeth!


Sounds “too simple” right? We’ve learned from experience that making water a regular part of you family’s diet has MANY health benefits besides our mouths. Water delivers important nutrients like calcium to our teeth to help shield them from the all-to-common starch and processed foods we are exposed to daily, which are washed away by drinking and rinsing with water.


Tap water is best for kids through age 12, because it has a minimal amount of fluoride that helps us develop strong teeth and bones (unlike bottled and tap water which don’t). Most areas in Salt Lake County have fluoridated water**, and a Safe Drinking Water Disclosure Act to ensure we have enough fluoride but not too much! Besides delivering minerals, drinking water gently washes away acids formed by sugary and sour foods, thereby making brushing more effective.


* Sources: My Children’s Teeth, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry


**Sources: Utah Department of Environmental Quality

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