Just Do It!

Recently I was reading an article about the “dots of life.” This is a simple drawing that shows how many years we have in the form of Dots on a chart. (Link to the drawing here:)


It was quite insightful to look at our lives from that perspective. But how long do you actually want to live? A few months ago I was in a workshop, where the presenter talked about what we would want our lives to be when we were near the end, and if we had set ourselves up to have things going the way we would want them to go, why not live even longer?


From this standpoint why not live an extra 25 years beyond our life expectancy? With improvements in preventive healthcare and technology this is becoming more and more of a possibility. But in my opinion only if we do our part individually. So my challenge for you this week is to revisit your bucket list and take the next step.


What would that involve?

What is holding your back?

If you want to do it, why not today?

A little while ago I had a chance to meet and share a photo with Steve Forbes, when we released one of our books Reason to Smile: 11 Keys to Your Best Oral Health Ever. I had 100 reasons not to write the book and only a few reasons to write it. Mainly to help our patients like you get a smile that lasts a lifetime. Most importantly, the reasons to write it, although fewer, we’re much more powerful than the 100 reasons not to write it.



Thanks to help from my team and the positive results that came from the book, we have since released 4 other books, including one for Pinecrest Dental team members, and one for other Dentists/Practice owners.


I have never considered myself a writer, nor did I have any experience prior with writing a book, but it was something I always wanted to do and having it as a bucket list idea also propelled me towards other endeavors that I am passionate about. Rather than waiting until I was “old“, taking the action and making a commitment to do it now has provided a much bigger impact on me, our patients like you, and other healthcare providers.


So go out this week and “make it happen.” Don’t let negative ideas of others or those in your own mind hold you back. We all paint a story and make excuses on why we cannot do things so rewrite your story and go live your dreams!