Giving Thanks To You “Plaque Friday” Offer!


Click Here* to order your special Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Brush (don’t settle for an imitation, this flagship model is only available through dentists), at the special price of $130.99 ($200 Value)!

Bonus #1: If you order 2 or more, your cost is just $120.99 ($79.01 savings) per brush!

Bonus #2: We are saving a tube of CariFree Gel (the absolute BEST toothpaste we’ve ever found) for you JUST FOR STOPPING IN (no purchase necessary, $21 value), only available until November 30th! It will pair nicely with your new Sonicare!

* Enter the total amount for your brush(es) and type offer code “TURKEY” in the message line at checkout, once the order is placed we’ll get your new brush(es) expedited and call you once they arrive!