No More Sensitivity?

No More Sensitivity?


Many people come to see us because of sensitive teeth. Unfortunately, we’ve never found that the “sensitivity” toothpaste that you see on TV or in internet commercials does the job alone.


I wanted to tell you about the new and improved tooth desensitizing gel and laser-designed custom tray that is now available for your sensitive teeth or gums.


Here are some key points about this treatment:

  • The tooth desensitizing gel is a special formula that helps to reduce sensitivity and provide relief from discomfort.
  • The custom tray is digitally made to fit your teeth perfectly, ensuring that the gel is applied evenly and effectively.
  • The tray is easy to use – simply fill it with the gel, wear it for the recommended time period (usually around 15-20 minutes), and then remove it.
  • You can use the tray and gel as often as you’d like, to achieve your desired level of relief.
  • The gel is safe and effective for you to use, and has been shown to provide long-lasting results.
  • You can also use this special new tray to whiten your teeth and remove stains.


If you are experiencing sensitivity or would like some more tips on how to better address this common and chronic problem, please give us a call at (801) 503-0035 for a consultation to see if you qualify.


Have a great week!