VIP Senior Enrollment

The Biggest Problem Facing Senior Dental Coverage Today, and What You Can Do About it!


How you can gain exclusive access to even more coverage that will boost your Dental Medicare plan, and provide extra benefits that Medicare will never offer you…


To show our support for our active seniors and retired patients, we are offering a special new flex savings program. This fantastic new program is exclusively available for a limited number of our patients ages 64 and up. 


Since Medicare covers very little, if any on dental care, we are here to help you. We are offering a new VIP-S (VIP-Senior) Savings Program to help you maximize your benefits. 


For being most flexible on the days and times you receive your preventative and dental care appointments, we have a special savings opportunity for you! We get really busy around here, so we appreciate your consideration and would like to reward you accordingly.


This membership plan provides benefits for:

  • A limited number of our seniors patients with Medicare Dental coverage


Eligible patients/spouses includes:

  • Adults 65 and over

  • Must be an active (regular checkups scheduled) or new patient at Pinecrest Dental

  • Willing to adjust or move your appointment times the day of treatment (with at least 2 hours notice) from us to help our emergency implant or dental treatment patients. 


Your Potential “VIPS” savings*:

  • Save $65-$100 for Out Of Network or non-insurance covered enhanced preventative care visits

  • Save $75 per paid visit for: for Out Of Network or non-insurance covered Overlays, root canal treatment, dental implants, clear braces.

  • Save $40 per paid visit for: for Out Of Network or non-insurance covered Biomimetic cavity treatments, and gum disease therapy.

  • Additional 1 year extended warranty on all Biomimetic and Cosmetic Dental Work done at Pinecrest Dental.  


Additional Benefits: 

  • Non-covered Services Savings – bundled savings on services that insurance doesn’t cover

  • 100% Sure-Smile Money Back Guarantee for 30 days (Plus you get to keep the benefits for 30 days, even if you aren’t 100% satisfied!)

  • $139 credit toward first consult and X-ray for up to 3 friends or family members per year.


VIPS MEMBERSHIP ANNUAL INVESTMENT: Call for Availability and Senior VIP Pricing


If you are interested, simply call and ask for Jay, Bre or Kristine at (801) 503-0035 and we’ll help you enroll or add you to the waitlist for the next year (only a maximum of 77 patients will be enrolled for the year). 


This program can be used as a supplement to your Pinecrest Smile Club membership or Medicare/Dental insurance plan. 


As this is a limited program, there is no online registration or online form to fill out. You simply give us a call and we’ll get you added over the phone or in person to enjoy a full 12 months of benefits (based on availability).


Limited Time Holiday Extra: If you are one of the 19 who (based on openings) join the VIPS program this month, you’ll receive a Free bottle of my favorite new formulation of Xylitol Mouthrinse + a $100 gift certificate toward implants, snap in bridges or porcelain veneers. (Just show us this message at your visit.)