VIP Enrollment

Dental Benefits Lacking?….

The New Pinecrest VIP Club may be just the Coverage You Are Looking For! An updated special program designed for our patients with Lower Coverage Benefits or Out of Network Insurance. Are you tired of the frustrations of navigating a dental insurance system that often prolongs issues rather than providing the smile you’ve been looking for? Does your insurance always seem to say we will “not cover” the services you really want (implants, clear braces, tooth colored dentistry, Biomimetic Health dentistry, etc.)? The updated Pinecrest VIP Club Membership is a revolutionary alternative, transcending the limitations of traditional dental insurance. And now it has been updated and offered to a select few of our patients. In a landscape where traditional dental insurance often falls short, the VIP Club will give you access to just what you are looking for. Say goodbye to maximums and lack of savings. Instead, embrace a community-driven approach that prioritizes your smile and well-being. Your VIP Club Membership is not just a service; it’s a commitment to a healthier, more vibrant smile. Examples of savings include:
  • $30-$70 savings on your full preventative check ups with insurance for costs above what your plan allows (including x-rays, exam, cleaning/maintenance.
  • FREE birthday polish and whitening toothpaste or whitening pen during your birthday month.
  • FREE Oral Sedation or Laughing Gas on all Implants, Overlays, Thin-neers, Gum Therapy, and Clear or White Braces.
  • Bundled Savings for Multiple Thin-neers and Dental Implants treated at the same time
  • Low Monthly Payment Financing Options and a Lifetime Warranty option available, so you’ll never have to pay for dental work again!
  • FREE Adjustments and follow up visits on all dental work for 4 months from date of service.
  • FREE entry into our monthly referral giveaways when you refer your friends and family into us, including those who hate the dentist or are in need of a check up or implant consultation.
  • Periodic exclusive bonus offers and perks.
  • FREE recare rewards program enrollment, which gets you access for points towards FREE Teeth Whitening or FREE Sensitivity Treatments for keeping up your regular 3, 4 or 6 month preventative care.
  • Works with most dental insurance companies and plans!
  • Annual Investment: Due to limited availability — Registration not available online, call for current pricing and availability
As this is a limited program, there is no online registration or online form to fill out. You simply give us a call and we’ll get you paid, enrolled and added over the phone or in person to enjoy a full 12 months of benefits (based on availability). We are only registering 88 of these VIP club enrollments for the entire year, so call or text us asap if you are interested.   Limited Time Holiday Extra: If you are one of the 19 who (based on available registrations) join the VIPS program this month, you’ll receive a Free bottle of my favorite new formulation of Xylitol Mouthrinse + a $100 gift certificate toward implants, snap in bridges or porcelain veneers. (Just show us this message at your visit.)

**ALL WE ASK to keep your VIP benefits ACTIVE is that you KEEP your 3-6 month checkup schedule in our office and MAINTAIN your payment plan(s). Cancellations of less than 48 HOURS NOTICE may decrease benefits.