Water Leak Update

Recently, we had an ugly water leak in the roof from some HVAC work done in our new practice office building.


We had a contractor come in to add an additional ventilation system for our patients, and he was working with a subpar electrician who put a bunch of staples in our roof and didn’t think about the leak it would cause. Ouch! (This hurts worse than a root canal.)


I’m sure he thought it wasn’t a big deal. But over the next few weeks, the leak worsened and caused water damage to the ceiling, walls, and fresh paint in one of our guest restrooms. We ended up spending a whole lot of “moohlah” on repairs, not to mention the stress and inconvenience of having to deal with the damage and the inconvenience to our patients.


Worst of all, a few weeks later, as some snow began to melt a leak came back, not as big, but still another timely and costly repair.


This experience reminded me of the importance of taking action sooner rather than later when it comes to your medical, sleep and dental health. It also reminded me to better vet out our contractors and people we use by referral. There are a lot of “cheap fixes” out there that end up costing a lot more in the long run. His service wasn’t cheap nor was that what we were looking for, but we should have done more due diligence to make sure he was the right contractor for the right job.


Just like a leaky roof, unseen or seeming small issues can change in almost an instant and lead to more extensive damage, time, and pain if not addressed in a reasonable amount of time.


Many of us have experienced issues such as bleeding gums, sensitivity, poor sleep, a bad back, gut or immune problems, etc.


Being human, instead of seeking care, we may choose to put it off or justify to ourselves that it really “isn’t that bad.” Or we may be hesitant due to fear or financial concerns.


However, just like with the leaky roof, delaying care can lead to more significant problems and potentially more costly and painful treatments down the road. For example, an unknown or painless cavity can quickly worsen and require a root canal or even an implant if left untreated.


Untreated or unmaintained Gum disease is the #1 reason for tooth loss in adults today, and affects our overall health and medical costs if not addressed.


Plus procrastination can also lead to time away from work, family and other activities due to pain and discomfort.


We understand that dental or sleep care can sometimes be overwhelming, whether it be financial concerns, fear of the dentist, or just the inconvenience of taking time out of our busy schedules. However, we want to assure you that we are here to help and make your care as easy and stress-free as possible.


Additionally, we understand that fear of the dentist is a common concern, and we offer sedation options to help alleviate anxiety and make your visit as comfortable as possible.


Just like with a leaky roof, delaying dental care can lead to more extensive damage and pain in the long run. It’s important to take action sooner rather than later.


Your achievement of optimal oral health and making your dental care as easy and stress-free as possible are our top priority.


Thank you for your trust and support. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit.