Good Bugs

Good Bugs

Special Report: The REAL problem with Antibiotics: Oral Probiotics & Prebiotics

The Problem...

Your teeth and/or gums have disease right now (decay, periodontal disease, root canal infection, etc.), and there are up to 1 Billion bacteria in the infected areas. Our mouths are supposed to have millions of good bacteria, but when the bad overrun the good, the problem gets worse, even when we use mouthwash, or brush and floss.

Why Antibiotics are NOT the solution

A bacterial infection that causes a diseased mouth must be treated prevent further growth of bacteria, because a continuing bacterial infection may cause more serious disease, such as cellulitis. Antibiotics may be used along with other treatment, which may include oral treatment in the office. Teeth are unique parts of the body, because treatment with antibiotics will reduce the infection, but will not completely kill it. PLUS, antibiotics are non-selective attackers, which mean they kill the good bacteria and bad, so over time your condition may actually worsen. You could end up with gum disease or tooth decay that comes back worse or keeps rearing its head periodically over your life. You may be prescribed antibiotics in the short term, but they are not a long term fix.

What you can do to boost your health and maximize your treatment

Probiotics are replacements and enhancers of good bacteria, vs antibiotics which are destroyers of both good and bad bacteria. All medicines have side effects. But many people don’t feel the side effects, or they are able to deal with them. Probiotics are the new way to boost your oral health. These are not the same as probiotics in some yogurt or the capsules you may have taken before for your stomach. These are specially formulated for our mouth. There are many on the market, but only a few have been proven to be effective, and we’ve done the research for you. If you want to maximize your health during your gum and/or dental treatment, use the probiotics we prescribed today for your increased oral health. You may not need to take them indefinitely, but the prebiotic foods listed below are indicated for long term use for “food as medicine.” Simply put if there are more “good guys” than “bad guys” the good will win!

Other benefits of probiotics

  • Prevent bad plaque. A reduction in the destructive bugs that accumulate and reproduce around your teeth every minute.
  • Fight bad breath.
  • Prevent oral cancer.
  • Manage symptoms of gingivitis and decrease inflammation from gum disease.
  • Enhance digestion of foods.
  • Increase sinus, nasal and throat health.

Prebiotic Diet

Drink plenty of water, and avoid soft drinks, diet drinks and sugar-rich foods more than once per day. These feed infected bacteria and delay healing.


Also eat foods that are rich with resilient starches and indigestible fiber, which feed the good bacteria to grow in our bodies. These foods are called “prebiotics,” and include: Oats, bananas (not too ripe), sweet potatoes, legumes such as beans and peas, green vegetables, avocados and cooked rice.

Follow up care

Follow-up care is a key part of your treatment and safety. Be sure to return for follow up appointments. Your follow up visit cost is $55, but this fee is waived as long as you give us at least 48 hours if you need to reschedule. We will always review any new charges BEFORE we begin any further treatment.

We are available 6 days a week and for emergencies at: (801) 783-1082

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